This blog was requested on my similar blog for RWBY characters.  Each character gets four weapon "types," for the four quick select slots. Said weapon types will be based on their normal weapons and fighting styles. I might also give them a heavy weapon if It's fitting enough. Since lower tier version are made completely redundant once yoiu get the newer/better version, I'll assume they're using the best available.

I'm also giving them a fitting robot companion. For rather significant reasons, none of the Chariot line units are available. I probably will give machine companions to characters before I assign them weapons. I was going to try to achieve balance, but I may have to throw that out for personality.

What I type in parentheses is largely the reasoning for why I assign a character a particular weapon or machine. If I say nothing, then I have probably already provided a similar reasoning, for another character or elsewhere in their own listings.

Since there are only two flying Machines, I'll try to limit their use.

If I deem a particular outfit to be a good match, they will also have that.

Be on guard for potential spoilers.



Stalker (given that Toothless tries harder than any other dragon [that I recall] to be stealthy, add a powerful, precise ranged attack and you've a good fit)



Ruffnut and Tuffnut

Fire Bellowback


Trampler (



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