the Prologue (spelling?) is a eye-catcher, introducing the Roller as a machine, as well as the MC's Mother (not known at the time). Described as a curled up machine, with its hide pockmarked with attempts at killing it, the Roller is inside some sort of Arena (I don't go into detial, intentionally. another Chapter is Revisited, which describes the full scene), which is housing it for the purpose of sport. when the mother kills it, a lone voice says she cheated somehow, and it turns out, in Revisited, that she kinda did, but she challenges the critic with a duel, in which she wins, and then she spares him, defying the codes set in place. the Chieftan, who gave her the test (in a way that test is the Proving of this tribe), basically says no to her request for being a Warrior. instead, she's premoted to War-band Leader. that's where it ends.

CHP. 1

in this, you're introduced to the charatcer that will become the primary storyteller. in essence, it reviews these facts:

  1. he has a guardian, who claims he was found stumbling towards her hideout as a child. 
  2. he grew up with this guardian, unable to remember his mother, father, or how he came to be there.
  3. he has a companion, and has become a skilled hunter with her. 
  4. the Companion is Willow, a wolfdog that has been with him practically as long as he can remember. he has given her augments, including teeth caps that make her bite even more powerful.
  5. his Guardian has a deadpan sense of humor, calling her blade Larry (for some odd reason)
  6. his guardian is also aware of the Old World (which is evident in context, but not outside of context) because she uses the terms from them. shit, fuck, hell, the like.
  7. he uses weird terms for various machines, like the Strider is the Seeder.
  8. he's been completely isolated from anyone else, the only people he's encountered are a old woman and a overweight merchant, not to mention a strange visit in the middle of the night (more later).
  9. that's about all you need to know.

he ends up inside the settlement, where i will begin the next part.


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