this is my section on People, specifically, it's very little (for a reason), but it does include basic differences from the normal HZd, and their advantage, disadvantage, and such.

first off, this is actually, not mine, it is me writing down what other people would like, such as different weapons for Varl, or Sona's backstory, stuff like that. so, I'll ask this: what do you want? it could be most anything, but these are the limits:

  • nothing explicit, I'll leave that up to your imagination, but, I wil say that "explicit" is basically just sex scene, kissing's fine, cursing's fine, evokative (did I spell that right?) mentions will never be.
  • please, keep it polite. everyone has a right to free speech (I live in America, and firmly belive it's a universal right), so if you disagree, do it politely, and if I need to, I'll alert the admins directly. besides that, person to person talking should feature only light colorful language, and for the sake of my eyeballs, don't make me have to deal with your projections. besides that, I'm fine with it (spending way too long on this).
  • this is the final part, please, don't try to contest this, all ideas are valid, and I'm the arbiter on who get's in. I hope everyone gets in, but I'll choose off of my gut, seeing as I'm a kinda "move where my gut tells me" guy. if you want, put it under your own blog post, and invite everyone over.

that's it for the first day, check in tomorrow at round abouts 12-1 PM (don't know the timezone, I'm a lazy mothereffer)

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