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  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is writer
  • I am M

To begin with, I must say that HORIZON: ZERO DAWN is my absolute favorite game. From the gorgeous graphics to the stunning machines, it has always impressed and inspired me. So I wanted to give back. Specifically, I like the ideas behind it, what with the Machines, human intrigue, and even the raw survival themes prelavent in almost every encounter. So, to start, I would like to begin with this. I do not like how this game doesn't have a sequel. And even more so, I don't like what many would consider the sequel, FROZEN WILDS. but rather than be pessimistic and lament, I want to explain this: I have an idea for HORIZON and where it could go. I'm creating a book, which I hope will translate into a game, where Aloy is no longer alone as a creation of the Cauldrons, specifically, ELUTHIA-9 (pardon if I spelled that wrong) went ahead and produced more thanks to Rampancy. And so, it's a total of twenty years later, and Aloy is now 37, and wondering about how to pass down the torch. she's re-instated GIGA, made Sylens into a new machine (a Router, a type of machine that manages the Cauldrons) because of the betrayls he consistantly completes, and has defeated HADES twice. and so, when she discovers that a lone Ban-Uk has come from the wilderness after years of isolation, and with what appears to be a son of direct descent from Elizabet Sobeck, even though the Ban-Uk doesn't appear to be a clone herself. Well, I've hinted enough. anyway, I was hoping to introduce myself and this book, specifically as a way for others to introduce their own ideas, their own wants on the HORIZON: ZERO DAWN game. here's hoping, however, that this is discovered. I just started this page, and would love others to add their own ideas (as stated). so, without further ado, the topic of this next idea is this: resources.

I've posted a Resources page (or two) and if you wanna check it out, go ahead. I'm open to debate, and would love some opinions. specifically, I also have new machines, people, and a few of the new machines catalouged.

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