Umnak is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. He is the quest giver for The Claws Beneath, found in Longnotch.


Umnak is a well-regarded hunter among the Banuk. He once took on the legendary Rockbreaker known as the "Claws Beneath" alongside the Chieftain of his werak, though the latter fell to the monstrous machine.

Unmak's life went on with repeated encounters against the Rockbreaker, once every six winters, with his fellow hunters often falling victim to its ferocity.

After an unspecified amount of time, Unmak grew old and embarked on a journey to the Cut for one last battle against the legendary Rockbreaker. However, he realized how pointless his attempt would be, seeing as his age had skimmed his chance of winning to none, and instead asked a favor of a Nora outlander, Aloy, to kill the monster, not only in his honor, but to end the danger The Claws Beneath posed.

Aloy would return successful, much to Unmak's gratitude.


Unmak is proud of his reputation, but this does not inhibit him from putting aside his sense of achievement and prioritizing the safety of others. He gave up the quarry of a lifetime to Aloy because he felt ending The Claws Beneath's danger was much more important than dying while trying to seek glory according to Banuk customs.

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