The Tallneck is a Communications Class machine in Horizon Zero Dawn, and the only known machine of this class at present. They are the only machine not hostile to humans.


Tallnecks were designed to enable long range communications between machines.


The Tallneck resembles a giraffe in both silhouette and gait. They have no visible optical sensors, and their heads are broad, flat and circular, with a data node on the top center that can be used as an access point for overriding. Their chassis is covered by heavy armor plating.

Several long antennae-like platforms project from the back of the neck, and four tail-like structures are mounted in pairs on the posterior. Their feet have ten toes in the front and three in the back.


Tallnecks are completely solitary, walking in circular path in its particular region, functioning as a communications center. Each Tallneck emits a signal that a Focus can detect.

Tallnecks are not hostile to humans and appear to be completely oblivious to their surroundings. While a Tallneck itself is harmless to humans, hostile machines will be in the area around its path.


Tallnecks send information on everything they observe along their paths to other machines in their areas. Overriding one will reveal that portion of the map, along with settlements, campfires, and machine sites.

They also monitor the weather, as evidenced in the Frostfigures Tallneck’s datapoint.

See also: Tallneck (Activity)

Known Tallnecks


Component: Image: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Body Tallneck-Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None All
Climb Hold Tallneck-ClimbHold Information antennas. Could be used as climbing holds when scaling. None None
Radar Tallneck-Radar Information storage hub. Override to access local area information. All None


  • Although multiple Tallnecks are shown in the Embrace at the start of the game, given their otherwise-solitary nature and that there is no other evidence of them traveling together, it seems likely that their appearance in this scene is non-canon, and only intended to showcase the prominent machines of the game.
  • There are a total of eight Tallnecks in the game - two of the inactive three are found in Cauldron XI, and the third is found in The Cut.
  • Tallnecks were one of the first machines revealed to the public, seen as early as the conceptual stages of the game's design, and unlike the Thunderjaw, they saw very little change.
  • During the game's development, Tallnecks were referred to as "Comm giraffes."[2]
  • The Tallneck's walking pattern of lifting both its fore and hind legs on the same side at the same time is based on the giraffe's gait.
  • Tallnecks were originally designed to be killable. However, Guerrilla Games decided against this, feeling that it would be against Aloy's character to kill a peaceful machine.



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