Talanah Khane Padish, also known simply as Talanah, is a character in Horizon Zero Dawn. She sponsors Aloy for membership in the Hunters Lodge with the hopes that they can unseat Ahsis from the position of Sunhawk by taking down Redmaw.


Early Life

Hailing from a Carja noble family, Talanah's family has traditionally had members in the Lodge, including her brother and father who were both Hawks (at one point, her father Talavad was Sunhawk of the Lodge). However, during the Sun-King Jiran's reign, both Brativin and Talavad met their ends in the Sun-Ring while defending those condemned to die against Behemoths. Talanah herself was not present during the Massacre. That morning, her father told her to wait for him outside Meridian, telling her they were planning to escape the city. Talanah waited for hours until a messenger from her father told her that she had to leave the city--the Massacre was taking place. Heeding her father's words, Talanah fled the city and only learned afterwards from other members of the Lodge what had unfolded.

Ahsis, who was Sunhawk at the time, failed to honor the fallen Hawks, barring anyone from speaking of the event, which stirred Talanah's hatred for him. This, as well as her disapproval of the apparent superiority of noble families in membership for the Lodge, drove Talanah to become Sunhawk.

Entering the Lodge

Talanah became an official member of the Lodge, a Thrush, after the Hawk Tarkas sponsored her out of loyalty to her family.  Like many other members, Tarkas and Talanah sought out Redmaw, the only machine that would allow them to unseat Ahsis as Sunhawk. Tarkas managed to track down Redmaw on his own, however as no messenger was sent to inform Talanah (suspected to be the result of Ahsis's interference), he faced the Thunderjaw alone. When Talanah finally got word, she arrived too late and saw her sponsor struck down by the machine. Up until Aloy corrects her, Talanah believed that Tarkas sought out Redmaw without her out of pride.

With her Hawk's death, Talanah was promoted from Thrush to Hawk. On that same day, Talanah met Aloy. After sending Aloy on a number of errands and trophy hunts as well as noting her blatant dislike for Ahsis, Talanah sponsored Aloy and together they took down Redmaw, with Talanah becoming Sunhawk.

As the new Sunhawk, Talanah finally honored the fallen members of the Lodge, and began inviting prospective members to the Lodge based on their ability rather than rank.


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Having experienced a great deal of sexism, Talanah has a flippant and cool attitude, often responding in a passive-aggressive manner to people she dislikes. However, beneath her dry exterior is a loyal and caring woman with a love of the hunt.

Talanah resents being judged on the basis of birth, and therefore does not show prejudice to outlanders or commoners.

Associated Quests


  • If Redmaw (side quest) is completed, Talanah will join Aloy during the final battle, taking the place of Sona.
  • Talanah's outfit serves as the basis for the Carja Blazon Master outfit.
  • While not confirmed, Talanah is believed to be the first female member of the Lodge.


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