Sylens: "For years I tried to get through this hatch. I drilled, I burned, I blasted... but we both know that you won't have any trouble getting through."
Aloy: "You make it sound like I should apologize."

Sylens' Workshop is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. The workshop was originally part of the GAIA Prime facility.


Sometime after the destruction of GAIA Prime, Sylens made his way into the facility, eventually setting up a workshop in one of the exterior rooms. While he attempted numerous times to venture further, the security of the facility rendered his efforts fruitless. Based on the datapoints inside the workshop, Sylens likely took refuge here after being betrayed by HADES.

Aloy passes through the workshop when she visits the ruins to retrieve the Master Override. Sylens is waiting for her on the way out and confesses his degree of involvement with the Eclipse. He also provides her with a lance for inserting the Master Override into HADES. At the end of their discussion, Sylens and Aloy part ways, seemingly for the final time.


Audio Datapoints

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