Omas is a minor character and potential opponent in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Omas is a Carja farmer turned Snapmaw hunter. He and Vashad borrowed metal shards to buy seeds for farming, but the harvest did not turn a profit. Knowing that if they could not come up with the shards to pay the debt they would lose the farm and everything they owned, they paired up with a number of Carja hunters and turned to hunting Snapmaws for Snapmaw Hearts in order to pay off the debt.

Unbeknownst to the hunters, they attracted flocks of Glinthawks that, as well as scavenging the Snapmaw carcasses, were also attacking Lone Light, a nearby Carja settlement.  

Associated Quests

Hunters' Blind

The Lone Light villager Ilsadi asks the Hunters Lodge for help fending off the Glinthawks that have been attacking the town. Although the Sunhawk, Ahsis, refuses the hunt, the Hawk Talanah agrees and recruits Aloy to help. Aloy traces the source of the Glinthawk attacks to Vashad and Omas and asks him to stop hunting Snapmaws nearby. They refuse to leave until they have the machine parts. Aloy can either hunt the hearts, purchase them from the Machine Resources Merchant, or defeat Omas, Vashad, and their crew in battle.

Battle Stats

HP Attack Damage[1]
200 Precision Arrow 100
Bash/Kick 100


  1. Table adapted from Horizon Zero Dawn Strategy Guide (Collector's Ed.), p.260. Future Press, 2017.
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