Marzavid is a Carja trader in the employ of another Carja trader, Lubavad. He leads trading convoys sent out by Luvabad.


Luvabad sent Marzavid and a number of his other traders out in a convoy to trade with the Banuk tribe. The route was perilous, known to be prowled by particularly aggressive and dangerous machines. Luvabad thought that they had taken ammunition for their weapons, but they had in fact taken boxes of Ridge-Wood, essential for arrows, but useless in and of itself. The Nora Brave Aloy offered to take the ammunition to the convoy. She tracked the convoy down, finding the carts overturned and Marzavid and the other traders in the middle of a respite from attacks by Watchers, Scrappers, and Longlegs.

Marzavid gratefully accepted the ammunition just a new wave of the machines attacked. Aloy assisted the men in killing them. Again grateful for her assistance, he was surprised to learn that she was helping Luvabad for free. It was then noticed that the merchandise was missing, along with a member of the convoy, Dirid. Aloy offered to track down Dirid and the merchandise, but this time for payment. Marzavid agreed, paying her after she returned with the merchandise.

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