Ligan is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a semi-retired member of the Hunters Lodge in Meridian.


Hailing from a noble Carja family, Ligan became a Hawk of the Hunters Lodge in his youth.

The Massacre

Ligan was among those that witnessed the Massacre, the event that ended in the deaths of many Hawks, including Talanah's brother and father. Ligan was unable to join his fellow Hunters Lodge members in defending the condemned during the Massacre, having been unarmed at the time. Thus, he was forced to watch from the stands as his comrades fell to the machines before him.

Sometime afterwards, Ligan retired from hunting, choosing to serve the Lodge in other ways.


Although polite to Aloy, like many in the Lodge, he underestimates Aloy's potential, being surprised when Aloy brings in a trophy from a Stalker. Upon learning she is going to collect a Thunderjaw trophy, he tells Aloy she should ask for advice from Ardik (though he also gives critical information to her about Ahsis' past actions). It is only once Aloy helps Talanah take down Redmaw that he recognizes her skill.

The reason for Ligan's favoring of Ardik over Aloy appears to be revealed when he comments that the Banuk hunter reminds him of himself when he was younger.

Associated Quests


  • Ligan shares the same tribal markings and eye color as Nil.


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