Counselor: (garbled) with Susanne Alpert, environmental scientist. Doctor?

Susanne Alpert: I'm sorry? I wasn't-

Counselor: Just stating your name. What were you thinking about, Doctor?

Susanne Alpert: Nothing the General said. Not really. I was on the Syzygy/East response team in 2051. Just after the second earthquake compromised the reactor. I still dream about it, after all these years. The Red Zone spreading on the imaging, slowly, so slowly, like a hand opening its fingers.

Counselor: Your involvement in that event is why you were asked for by name.

Susanne Alpert: Really? That's interesting. Because... nothing worked. Nothing could grow there again. It was a catastrophic failure. But the Red Zone is a blip compared to global-scale biomass reduction. The biosphere and hydrosphere will collapse, render the Earth uninhabitable, long before the robots finish us. Enduring Victory can't buy time against that... So you'd better show me what Zero Dawn really is.

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