Dismount Strike is a learnable Traveler skill in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


This skill unlocks Aloy's ability to perform a Dismount Strike on a nearby target while riding a machine mount. A prompt will appear on screen when a strike can be performed. The mount can be traveling at any speed when the strike is initiated but Aloy will always remain grounded after delivering a successful blow.

The skill's damage value remains the same regardless of Aloy's spear damage value. A Dismount Strike has a base damage of 400 which increases to 520 if Aloy learns the Strong Strike+ skill.[1]

A Dismount Strike can be performed on humans or small and medium-sized machines (except for the Trampler and Corruptor). Similar to the Strike from Above skill, its blow instantly kills most small machines and human enemies. Aloy must have learned Leader Strike in order to use Dismount Strike on an Elite human enemy.

This skill cannot be obtained until gaining the ability to override machines during the main quest The Womb of the Mountain.


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