"Beware the machines with purple markings. To approach them without caution is to lay wood on your own pyre."
Banuk villager

Daemonic Machines are machines found in the Cut that have been augmented by HEPHAESTUS. They can be identified by purple markings on the machine body, and they appear with a purple outline when scanned with the Focus.


Even though Daemonic machines are reportedly a recent phenomenon, a Daemonic Rockbreaker known as "The Claws Beneath" terrorized the Cut for decades before finally being killed by Aloy.

Daemonic machines began appearing prominently in the Cut following the construction of Cauldron EPSILON. Accompanied by the mysterious Control Towers, these machines posed a challenge on par with Corrupted Machines, if not greater.

Once Cauldron EPSILON was destroyed and all the Control Towers neutralized, Daemonic Machines disappeared from the Cut.


Daemonic Machines

Daemonic machines seen in game menu

Unlike Corrupted Machines, Daemonic Machines are almost identical to normal machines, the one exception being the purple tendrils, usually located around their neck area. Daemonic Machines will always have full armor plating when encountered.


Daemonic Machines are similar to the Corrupted Machines found in the south, but present an even bigger challenge. These machines appear with full armor plating and have increased health and damage, as well as higher elemental damage thresholds. Daemonic machines are not hostile towards their normal brethren and actually will cooperate with them to eliminate threats.

Daemonic Machines cannot be overridden, are immune to Corruption damage, and are extremely resistant to Shock.

Only the following machines appear with the Daemonic status:


  • After completing The Forge of Winter, Out of the Forge, The Claws Beneath, and disabling all the Control Towers, Daemonic Machines will be entirely eradicated from The Cut, though it is highly likely that HEPHAESTUS will find means to introduce new ones.
  • While unconfirmed, it is possible that HEPHAESTUS created the Daemonic Machines in response to HADES corrupting and taking control of normal machines.