Corruption Arrows are a type of Ammunition in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Compatible with the War Bow, this type of ammunition inflicts no damage. However, Corruption Arrows cause any machine or human they strike to temporarily become corrupted, a status effect that causes hostility to any other machine or human. This is not to be confused with Corrupted Machines. This status effect presents players with a chaotic group of infighting hostiles instead of a united enemy front. Strategic use of these arrows can cause an entire group of enemies to collapse without any additional action on the part of the player.

While a single arrow will inflict corruption on smaller foes, larger machines and leader class humans usually require multiple hits to trigger the status effect. Using very rare corruption Modifications can increase efficacy of the War Bow in inflicting the status effect. Furthermore, an enemy in a corrupted state will remain hostile to Aloy. Corrupted Machines and Daemonic Machines are immune to corruption, rendering these arrows useless against them.

Crafting of Corruption Arrows requires Metalburn, which is available from Corrupted Machines and Chariot Machines.

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