Arrows are projectiles utilized by humans that serve as the primary form of ammunition for bows.

Different Bow types exclusively fire different type of arrows, thus making each serve unique purpose in tactical standpoint.

Ammunition can be purchased or crafted from harvested components, even in the middle of a battle.

Arrow Types

Hunter Bow

The Hunter Bow serves as the all-round must-have bow for its roughly balanced Impact and Tear damage power accompanied with the ability to inflict fire element damage which many story-related enemies are weak against; it's also capable of firing the least costly munition in the game.

Fire Arrow

Deals low fire damage over time, and medium fire severity on impact. It can be used to set machines on fire, and is particularly effective against machines with Blaze canisters or fire vulnerability.

Hardpoint Arrow

Deals medium impact damage and high tear on impact. Effective against chunkier machines as it more easily removes parts from machines and deals additional damage compared to the standard hunter arrow.

Hunter Arrow

Deals low impact damage and low tear damage, but the cost to craft them is negligible.

Sharpshot Bow

Sharpshot Bows, despite their handling speed, are very useful to deliver peak Impact and Tear damage through Precision and Tearblast arrows respectively. They possess a bonus functionality that could strip machine parts more cleanly, using Harvest arrows.

Harvest Arrow

Deals low impact damage and moderate tear. It removes machine parts with high precision. Removed parts that provide resources will provide additional resources.

Precision Arrow

A highly damaging arrow that deals high impact damage and medium tear damage. Highly effective in landing precise and accurate shots. Very effective for sniping.

Tearblast Arrow

Deals no damage but very high tear shortly after impact. It utilizes a powerful compressed air blast to easily strip armor and components off machines.

War Bow

War Bows focus on disabling and sabotaging the enemy by inflicting elemental ailments through Electric or Freeze arrows, and turning foes against each other with Corruption arrows.

Corruption Arrow

Deals no damage and high corruption severity on impact. Machines and humans corrupted by this arrow will be aggressive against other machines and humans while this effect lasts, and can be used to temporarily turn the odds in the player's favor.

This corruption turns machines' lights green and, while the effect lasts, makes them hostile to everything, including Aloy, unlike Override, which makes them fight for you.

Freeze Arrow

Deals low freeze damage and medium freeze severity on impact. It can be used to freeze enemies, slowing them down significantly and making them more susceptible to impact damage. Effective against machines with Freeze canisters or freeze vulnerability.

Shock Arrow

Deals low shock damage and medium shock severity on impact. It can be used to shock machines, temporarily stunning and locking them in place. Effective against machines with Shock canisters or shock vulnerability.

NPC only

Explosive Arrow

Deals a small amount of projectile damage and high explosive damage.  An NPC using this arrow can be identified when the arrowhead is glowing orange after their bow is drawn, and leaves an orange trail after it is fired. Only used by certain enemies, such as Elite Bandit Snipers or Cultist Priests.  Some friendly NPCs also have these, such as Uthid or the caravan guards in Underequipped.

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