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• 5h

Restarting ;-;

Oh the pain. I wish I didn’t have OCD or any perfectionism in me. Ohhh the pain ;-;
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• 15h

Machine Core?

Out of curiosity, has any one wondered what the machine cores are? I'd figure the machine hearts are either a hard drive or the motherboard but a bit confused on the cores.
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Seeker :3

who else to draw?
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Detroit:become human or Horizon:zero dawn

  • Detroit:become human
  • Horizon:zero dawn
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• 3/19/2019

What do you want for HZD2

What do you like about the first game? What don't you like about the first game and how could Guerrilla fix it? What do you want to see in the second game? All ideas welcome
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• 3/4/2019

Русское комьюнити

Русские игроки делятся мыслями и советами, а также просто общаются.
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• 3/1/2019

Odyssey theory

Heard a theory floating around that the unknown signal that activates Hades came from the Odyssey. Considering the code that the Fero Robots were using, is it possible it was transmitted prior to the Odyssey leaving? Setting that thought aside and the signal didn't come from Odyssey, but a thought about how the ship could have survived... Sobek could have lied. The data point that contains her message to the people working the Zero Dawn project is how we find out about the Odyssey's fate, and that was dated for around a month prior to the planet becoming inhabitable. They were close to the deadline and running out of time. I think it's a very real possibility that should could have lied about the fate of the ship to push her people to work harder and faster because it would mean that they would be humanities and life in generals only hope. Push that idea with no "back up" as it were, and they might work harder to achieve their goal. Thoughts?

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• 2/28/2019

Golden Travel Pack

For everyone looking for it, I got mine from a trader in Meridian Village.I went to the resources section and scrolled to the bottom and there it was.
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• 2/28/2019

All allies joined trophy

I'm kind of having a crisis right now. So I started the looming shadow mission and only did th optional objectives but I didn't sleep yet. After I did them I found out there was a trophy you get for doing all the side missions and bringing everyone at your side. Now that I finished the side missions does that mean I won't get the trophy because I did the optional objectives before doing all the side missions and will I have to do the final battle again
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• 2/22/2019

What were the 12 outcasts doing?

Share your opinions, to me I find it a unsettling mystery that is kind of creepy
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• 2/22/2019

His name is Nil and he loves to kill

What do you think of Nil and his life story ?
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• 2/21/2019
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• 2/21/2019
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• 2/21/2019
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• 2/18/2019
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• 2/18/2019

Power Cells Missing

Need help with understanding where my power cells went so I can complete the Armor mission.

I distinctly remember picking up the power cells at all the locations and when I went back to the ruins to place them I was only able to place 1 and the mission says Gather Power Cells 1 of 3.

I went back to one of the early Mothers locations to check to see if there was a cell there and there where none to be found.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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• 2/17/2019

Which Is Tougher Deathbringer or 3 Corruptors

I think the Deathbringer is harder to take down due to its nearly inpenatrable armor please share your thoguhts
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• 2/16/2019
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